BMT Approach

Black Men Teach Twin Cities is the “quarterback” of a team of community-based organizations, teacher training programs, K-5 schools and scholarship programs, integrating the work of all partners so when a Black man indicates interest in becoming a teacher, we can show him a viable, affordable pathway to the classroom that is right for his personal situation.


FOCUSES ON ONE COHORT OF TEACHERS – Black men in elementary schools, allowing us to be more effective with community recruitment efforts and the specific supports required by this group to thrive.

IS COMPREHENSIVE – BMT addresses all of the challenges faced by Black male teacher candidates, including lack of recruitment efforts, inadequate teacher training options and its cost, ineffective induction and unwelcoming school culture.

EXECUTES A COLLECTIVE IMPACT MODEL – BMT leads a team that includes elementary schools, tradition and non-traditional teacher training programs, numerous community-based organizations and scholarship programs.  By integrating their work of encouraging Black men to consider teaching as a career, BMT creates a viable and affordable pathway to the classroom that is tailored to their specific aspirations, talents and challenges.

PROVIDES INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATE SUPPORT – Black Men Teach staff builds personal relationships with each candidate and serves as his personal agent, advocate, mentor, coach and guide throughout this process.

Black Men Teach Twin Cities is a demonstration project, allowing for maximum flexibility and systemic cooperation between all partners that affect teachers along the talent development/career continuum.  Once proving the concept of this approach, it can be expanded to include other races, ethnicities, cultures and grade levels.